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  • Psychologist practice

Our practice

Marie-Rose Poinsart – a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst – and her co-worker Michel Poinsart receive you in their two offices situated in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille in the Bouches-du-Rhône (13) Department.

Mrs Poinsart is ready to help and accompany you to find solutions to your emotional, social, professional and relational difficulties.

Please contact Marie-Rose & Michel Poinsart psychologist in Aix-en­-Provence or Marseille and set an appointment.   

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What leads to consultation?

It is not easy to make the decision to consult a psychologist. The turning point is usually reached in a time of fragility, violent or/and painful separation, increasingly invasive symptoms, the need, in the end, to find a place where you can express your sufferings, your questions, and try to figure them out and solve them.

Numerous reasons and symptoms might lead to a consultation with a psychologist: shyness, depression, stress, phobia, OCD, etc. Contact your psychologist to talk about your problems.



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  • Therapy approaches

Our approaches

Our approaches are always integrative. We regularly adapt our supports and practices on the patient's request to customise therapies. Psychology and psychotherapy approaches: individual therapies (can be held in English) , couple's therapies, family approaches, short, cognitive-behavioural, emotional, therapies, full self-conscious therapies.  

We also propose some analytically and psychosomatically practices such as coaching, medical relaxation, sexological and even hypnotherapy approaches.

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First steps

Marie-Rose and Michel Poinsart psychology and psychotherapy practice invites you to take the plunge during the very first consultation with mental and psychological health professionals.   

Consultations last for 45 min for individual appointment; one hour for couple’s therapy; 1h15 to 1h30 for family therapy. The individual work best frequency is to have regular weekly consultations.

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  • Psychologist practice